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Bad Beats & Brags 'Cause you're rollin. truly bad sh*t, or busting poker pros in awesome ways. Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players.Because most time Pokerstars says we had tested our random cards generator and its fully random.Some players can win 6 times a week but on the 7th day they lose more than what they won in the previous 6 days.Yes from my own personal experience, I have no doubt that corruption and collusion is a factor of online poker.Also, to any schmuck that wants to say they do it for more rake.Bluffed my way through next 2 and half hours, getting literally nothing, I swear to you, nothing.

It is rigged in tournaments when people are all in by eliminating low stacks to keep the games moving when they have a good hand vs a person with higher chips and if you are in a cash game and you do not buy at the table maximum you have no prayer.Its stupid what elareh comments here. nobody pushes you to play online. if you think its rigged dont play. in a casino you could get cheated too. if you dont trust just dont play. i am surprised that such a comment is even allowed here. should be deleted.I have had my last bad beat at full tilt they are the worst site for river sukouts i have ever played at.and i play at all the poker sites.Players with money in accounts on Full Tilt Poker looked as if they might not ever retrieve their funds after poker’s Black. Record $1M Bad-Beat Poker Jackpot.Anyone else notice Islidur1 (blom) saying on TV ya I put 15 sousand svedish krona on stars zen i had 2 million 3 weeks later zen 11 million.I think, if there was a way to estimate how much longer a tournament would last if the good players, who will probably mainly be tight-aggressive players, especially online, it would be very interesting.This of course was nothing but lip service, mathematically speaking, having the best hand preflop, turn and pre-river should win x% of the time, but with my hands the win ration was less than 2% which is not mathematically possible for extended periods of time, meaning six straight years and tens of thousands of hands.The point here is that the odds on this happening must be ridiculously high.This mindset calls for the player to understand poker is a game of decisions and correct play in making the right bets over a long period of time.

Bad beats and a new theory of how online poker is rigged. Tweet. Full Tilt Poker Game #1032392775:. Just a few bad beats and not even the worst of them.

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Never Tilt Again A Poker Player. Full lifetime access. Many unpleasant things can happen while we play poker: getting bad beats, running bad,.In theory, the long-run payoff of this tactic is a monetarily positive expectation.

Where you are on your cash out cycle determines what sort of mode you get.I start laughing until the rivers opens another 8 for fullhouse.Poker Rules; Poker Terms; Bad Beats; Hand. Something Sweet About Lynette Chan. 03. with one of the leading online poker sites Full Tilt Poker and became a.

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The added benefit of playing from home on my own hours further encouraged me to look back into online play.YOU CAN DO THAT but not by means of whatthefucking the system on forums nobody really pays attention to.He told me it is impossible to win consistently online, simply because the computer favors others.

University studies have shown flushes and straights are 10 times more likely online than with a real deck.The two main sites in question were pokerstars and party poker, but had also played at more than 8 or 9 other main online poker sites during that timeframe before deciding to stop rewarding this current online culture that online poker had morphed into.Nobody likes bad beats. Online Poker Games PokerStars Full Tilt Poker DE. Why don't I ever see someone make a self-analyze like "A bad beat I had because I.A brief history of my poker background: been playing online poker since 2005, I do not consider myself by any stretch of the imagination anything more than a fairly competent player 9 years later.Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store.Yesterday I had AA and I raised preflop, I got raised, and a third opponent reraised all-in.I to have suffered more bad beats than any reasonable person would expect so it could just be that I am the unluckiest person on the planet.The gambling and gaming commission and regulators take a much more relaxed stance over there.

I have been enticed to stay in on hands with juicy flops and sucked out on way more 4-8 outters than what mathematically makes sense (although I was getting decent pot odds).This was quite early on so I resisted the urge to chase and go on the tilt.


If they can make a living play live, and they tell you that it is near impossible to do the same online or have the same result.The only way a low stack can beat a high stack all in is either with two live lower cards or have them completely and utterly dominated.If you play in an actual casino you have a much higher chance of winning.I would imagine there is more to it but I sometimes get the feeling that it plays a part.

Worst bad-beat stories. Poker Blog from Full Tilt Poker by Michael Craig. Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating Blog: American Roulette. Poker, Politics,.I originally deposited over 10 years ago because I loved poker, but play chips were too easy, no challenge and just like bingo.Deal these flops 8D 4D JD, —10S 9S 5D —7D 5D 7S—AC 4C JS—9S 10S JD—Kd Qs 8d—-Js Jc KS—7s 8d 9s—-As 2D Ks—-3s 9d 5s on a 9 player table, and 4 to 7 players will think they have a good chance in winning the hand and will bet all the way to the river, and will say nh.Everyday there is another blog or post about poker stars being rigged.For those of you interested in a top poker pro tilting and talking about the perceived injustices of online poker should check out his blog here.Poker Psychology These articles, many from poker book author Ian Taylor, look at poker psychology discussing such topics as bad beats, downswings, tilt.People love to see touchdowns so high scoring games allow people to get more engaged.Either way its a debate that will always divide opinion, i just read a very interesting topic on a poker community website and watch some of the videos posted by players, and a video released by Poker stars HQ who try and put their side across and i am still non the wiser lol, both arguments seem to have some credibility.

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If you like to play poker go to your nearest Casino and play there.I get sick of being online table, and see 10 to 20 blown up flops in a row. 9 players at online table, and not one will notice this.