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Blackberri is a black, gay singer-songwriter guitarist who lives, loves, struggles and performs in San Francisco.Kristi has been working with Blossomy Project in Kolkata at a shelter home with over 100 girls since 2014 leading a one month workshop in partnership with the Tamalpa Art Corps program.

Sunday, February 23, 12:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room—1606 Bonita Ave.Gather to support the Berkeley Public Library whistleblowers - brave library workers who spoke up last year about the decimation of the library collection, and who are now being harassed and threatened with being fired.What can we make of the June 3 Presidential Election in Syria.This event is sponsored by Transition Berkeley, and the Social Justice Committee (Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists).It is through music that one is able to listen to the heart andsoul of a people.For the past 30-some-odd years he has been serving as music director at a string of small to very small churches which include, in chronological order, Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Episcopal and Congregationalist.

Tom is an acclaimed topical singer-songwriter who travels a lot to spread his messages.He also plays bass and harmonica, and writes original songs in a variety of styles.Joe joined and became active the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).David Madgalene will serve as MC and be a showcased poet with Steve Shain and Clive Matson.Our special guest speaker is Kathy Dervin, Berkeley public health educator and environmental activist now working with 350 Bay Area.

This film carries you through his powerful and ultimately tragic story.Patty Oikawa, a UC Berkeley researcher investigating the climate benefits of Delta wetlands restoration.Rising Sun Energy Center will offer a short presentation to talk about the Energy Upgrade California program, and share energy and water saving tips you can use in your home.Its antiquated structure, obsolete veto power, and lack of democratic participation are major obstacles to the future progress of humankind.Come hear activist Ahmed Salah speak about how Islam has deeply influenced his philosophy, which is to create social change while preserving life on both sides.Bring signs, songs, drums, and voices for a commemoration speak-out.She hopes more of her songs will be featured on the podcast in the future.

Audience members pick them at random and then take turns reading them over the microphone.The Executive Director, Bill Simbo, in asylum in the UK will be here to discuss the future for his center and for Cameroonians and Africans.Co-sponsored by Transition Berkeley, The Ecology Center, Berkeley Gardening Collective and the BFUU Social Justice Committee.If you are not familiar with the legislation the National Security Act of 1948, just for starters, please save this date and watch this informative series.

Down Syndrome and deafness in 1950 consigned Judith Scott to a state institution for 35 nightmare years before her twin sister obtained her release.

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She writes poetry about family and friends, and about transformation.Co-founder Mike Mease brings engaging stories and films straight from the field, in the land of the buffalo, with music by Native American flutist Mignon Geli and special guests.This is the 3rd season for the Berkeley Dulcimer Orchestra, and our ensemble is really starting to come together.Great vocalists belt out the Greatest Hits of Motown, Stax Studios and the Philadelphia Sound LIVE.Michael has been featured in the Laney College Choir (now called the Oakland City Chorus) events several times.John Koch and Ronnie London are a duo who have performed together since the 1980s, singing rock, folk, blues and swing.

Her burgeoning career was cut short by her developing blindness in 1990, and she subsequently went back to school to pursue a masters degree, and has since been working in a professional career.Conscientious Projectors Film Series: Standing Army Thursday, August 13 at 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall—1924 Cedar St.She earned an M.A. in Textiles (Clothing and Design) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Transition Berkeley invites you to join us for a delightful film about the creation of the Peralta Community Art Garden.Old/Rihanna - Russian roulette.mp3 3.49 MB. Africana.mp3 3.21 MB. Găseste-mi loc în inima ta.wma 3.20 MB.Lynne, Pam and Ramona will be at a Reception and Rally on Sunday at Humanist Hall, 390 27th St., Oakland, 94702.You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Slots are filling up fast.2005 A kaleidoscope of digital American literature / Martha. professor of English and American Studies and director of the Africana.Sponsored by Buffalo Field Campaign and BFUU Social Justice Committee.Otherwise all proceeds will go to the Sioux Tribe of Standing Rock to be used as they deem best for their legal defense expenses.

Hali Hammer is an award winning singer-songwriter who enjoys writing and playing a wide variety of music.Numen features stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews with Dr.The first Game Night went so well, the Membership Committee is hosting another one.Thursday, March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall —1924 Cedar St.Please join us for this thought provoking film and meet the filmmakers Julia Buss and David Millett.Set in the holy city of Varanasi where widows are traditionally stigmatized as deserving their fates and whose own bad karma led to the deaths of their husbands, the narrative shows the effects on other residents.Cost: free, but passing a hat to cover transport costs and feed our volunteer coaches and bring them to the east bay.Holly understands the power and influence of good poetry and song in creating meaningful community, wholesome values, and achievable visions.Using death squads, the government decimates the revolutionary group.

David Swanson, in conversation with Cindy Sheehan: War Is A Lie.This event is part of the month long annual Labor Fest and is listed here.